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Program Updates:

(12/20/19) Effective January 1, 2020, the base incentive rate for non-prescriptive lighting projects will be reduced from 5¢ to 2.5¢ per kWh saved annually. Horticultural lighting incentives are not affected.

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Sodexo is the designated program implementer for commercial and industrial energy efficiency programs for FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities. This website is maintained by Sodexo
The costs of energy efficiency programs are recovered through customer rates in accordance with PA Act 129 of 2008. For a complete list of commercial, industrial, residential, and low-income energy efficiency programs, please visit FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities, their parents, subsidiaries, employees, affiliates and agents assume no responsibility for the performance of the equipment or equipment warranty, the quality of the work, labor and/or materials supplied, and/or the acts or omissions of any contractor.