Program Allies

Becoming a Program Ally

Listing as a Program Ally is easy— simply submit a Program Ally registration form through our website. Once received, you will be invited to participate in an informational webinar that will describe resources available to Program Allies, program guidelines, offerings and program expectations. Upon completion of the informational webinar, your contact information will be posted to the Program Ally list on FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities' website as a resource to customers. In addition, Program Allies will be registered to receive program updates via email.

Message to FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania Utilities Customers:

FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities provide a Program Ally listing as a courtesy to customers, but does not approve, recommend, endorse or otherwise promote any Program Ally, vendor, manufacturer, distributor, contractor or any other provider of products and services that could potentially qualify for FirstEnergy's Energy Efficiency programs. FirstEnergy's utilities and CLEAResult provide this list of independent contractors as a convenience for customers seeking assistance with energy savings related products and services. Participating contractors are independent and are not affiliated with FirstEnergy, its utilities or CLEAResult. Customers are solely responsible for dealing directly with participating contractors in all aspects of their interaction including, but not limited to definition of scope of work, costs, contractual terms and conditions, and the level of accuracy required when estimating energy savings.

Neither FirstEnergy (including its utility companies and affiliates) nor the Business Programs implementation contractor, CLEAResult, nor agents, contractors, employees, officers and directors makes any representations regarding, or warrants the products and/or services of participating independent contractors, nor are they responsible or liable for any work performed by participating contractors, their subcontractors, or their suppliers in particular regarding whether it complies with any particular law, codes or industry standards, achieves any particular results or is safe or adequate for its intended purposes.

Program Allies include

Electrical or mechanical contractors

who educate customers on the cost savings of energy-efficient equipment and the availability of rebates to defray the cost.


who help customers make educated, energy-efficient decisions in the design phase of new construction.

Individual providers

who work with customers to capture all available incentives and decrease energy costs.

Equipment vendors

who inform customers of energy rebates and incentives to add value at the point of sale.


who are familiar with operation costs and the importance of reducing energy consumption.


who will work directly with customers of FirstEnergy's Pennsylvania utilities.