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Program Allies

Becoming a Program Ally

Is easy for qualified vendors — simply submit a Program Ally registration form through our website.  Once approved, you will be invited to participate in a training webinar that will describe the resources available to you.  FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities will also review the program guidelines, offerings and expectations.  Upon completion of the training webinar, your contact information will be posted to the Program Ally list on FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities’ website as a resource to customers.  In addition, Program Allies will be registered to receive program updates via email.

Program Allies include

Electrical or mechanical contractors

who educate customers on the cost savings of energy-efficient equipment and the availability of rebates to defray the cost.


who help customers make educated, energy-efficient decisions in the design phase of new construction.

Individual providers

who work with customers to capture all available incentives and decrease energy costs.

Equipment vendors

who inform customers of energy rebates and incentives to add value at the point of sale.


who are familiar with operation costs and the importance of reducing energy consumption.


who will work directly with customers of FirstEnergy’s Pennsylvania utilities.